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Hi! I'm Katelyn. I'm an enneagram 7 and it explains a LOT about me. I'm a total enthusiast and love creating. I have lots of hobbies and always want to try new things. So, a few years ago, when I started taking my Bible doodles and turning them into gifts for others, I decided to make a shop of it. Things have evolved and hobbies have been added and so now my shop is full of ALL the things.

I live with my little family in Dayton, OH. We welcomed our son into the world in November of 2018 and as I was sitting at home as a new mom, I kept hearing the word "abundance" in my head. I knew the Lord was speaking to me, specifically John 10;10, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." And I knew that the Lord was showing me just how abundantly blessed I am.

The Holy Spirit then guided me to reopen and rebrand my little shop after taking a hiatus. And let me tell you, it is INVIGORATING and LIBERATING when you know are following the Father's voice! So welcome, we are so glad to have you here. We hope that you might feel the joy of abundance as well.
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